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Dr. Joe Tate


Lori Erwin

Office Manager

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(all ages & pregnant women included)

Shoulder - Elbow
Wrist - Hand
Cervical - Thoracic
Lumbar - Sacral Iliac
Hip - Knee - Ankle - Foot
Plantar Fasciitis - Sciatica
TMJ - Ears - Cranial 
Sinuses - Bio Cranial Therapy
Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Relief
Sports Physical Exams for Students


  • Duration: 20-30 minutes

  • 2-page health questionnaire

  • Consultation of chief complaints

  • Examination of spinal and chief complaints

  • Report of findings of examination

  • First treatment

  • *Miracles expected*


  • New Patient - $70

  • Existing Patient - $50

(credit cards accepted)

(no insurance accepted)

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First Visit at Boyd Chiropractic
Boyd Chiropractic, Inc.

First Visit at Boyd Chiropractic



My Personal Story

As a boy growing up in Mansfield, Texas, I suffered from severe asthma attacks. I was rushed to hospitals on numerous occasions. My parents tried the conventional approach of medication for several years but to no avail.

Out of desperation they took me to a chiropractor when I was 8 years old. After my first treatment, I had instant relief. My health made drastic change from that day on and the chiropractor became the doctor of my choice.

Through the years I observed other patients coming to him in pain and leaving with a smile. This made an impression on me at an early age. I have needed the doctor who prescribes medication and surgery; however, I have also needed the doctor who prescribes specific spinal adjustments. My optimum health (free of medications and limitations) is attributed to the care and guidance of my chiropractic doctor.

My compassion for hurting people comes from being a patient. My passion for chiropractic comes from the countless faces I've seen changed with a chiropractic treatment.

I received my doctor of chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College in 1990 and I began practicing in the Fort Worth area. Having grown up in Mansfield (when it was a small town), I wanted my children to experience a childhood much like my own.

I discovered Boyd on a Sunday drive and was drawn to this area. In April of 1999, I moved my wife, Jana, and our four sons-Seth, Dean, Trent, and Joseph to Boyd. In 2001 we had our fifth son, Levi. I have been serving the Boyd community ever since!

My View

As a doctor of chiropractic, my first priority is to relieve the patient of any pain. This is sometimes accomplished on the first visit or a few closely scheduled visits.

My next priority is to help repair any structural damage. This is assessed during the first visit after an exam and x-rays (if necessary).

I will discuss any concerns you may have and the chiropractic treatments along with exercises to be done at home to strength the weakened muscles. Teamwork between the patient and doctor are paramount to returning the body to a healthy state.

If there is no change within a reasonable time then we will discuss other options . New injuries may take some time to be fully corrected.

I am a conservative chiropractor and I am consistently able to accomplish the needed changes within a short amount of time. I welcome patient input and strive to work together to achieve the desired results.

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